406 East 22nd Street, Huntingburg, Indiana 47542, US +1 (812) 683-2334
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For Any Assistance On Accessibility Room Availability And Hotel Facility Information, Or For Any Special Requests Kindly Contact Hotel +1 (812) 683-2334


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At this pick of Holiday World Santa Claus, Indiana hotels, we welcome you to contact us. No other motel in Huntingburg IN is more responsive to guest needs and comments. Either before, during or after your stay, we’re easy to get in touch with. No matter why you’re coming to this area, we make reserving with us and contacting us easy too. Plus, we offer great convenience once you get here – and amenities that make staying with us a true pleasure. You can be sure of professional service and the best possible experience in a clean, cozy environment when stay with us.

Quality Inn Huntingburg, IN

406 East 22nd Street,
Huntingburg, Indiana 47542, US
Phone: +1 (812) 683-2334
Fax: +1 (812) 683-8474